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Wie angekündigt, gibt es an dieser Stelle jetzt öfters Interviews von beliebten und auch teilweise noch unbekannten China-Shops. Durch die individuellen Antworten und die oft einmaligen Fotos von den Firmen aus Shenzhen, Hongkong und Co. bekommt ihr hoffentlich die Infos und Eindrücke, die ihr gesucht habt.

Heute stellen wir euch die Antworten von Banggood ("Shopping with fun - Best Bang for your Buck"), einem wahnsinnig beliebten Technik- und Bastlershop, der zunächst vor allem mit seinem sonderbaren Namen für Aufmerksamkeit sorgt. Auch wenn der Slogan den besonderen Namen direkt erklärt, haben wir euch noch ein paar weitere Antworten von dem Laden besorgt. Sandy von Banggood hat uns die schönsten Bilder, interessante Fakten geschickt und uns sogar ihr Lieblingsprodukt verraten. Allgemein Infos zu findet ihr auf unserer Seite zur Shopbeschreibung:


Who are you? What do you do?

Basic Facts

  • We ship about 10,000 orders every day worldwide, to Germany about 450 daily.
  • We have over 600 Employees and do everything from sourcing products to packaging and shipping them out.
  • We have offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Yiwu and our head office is located in Guangzhou.


What makes you special?

We pride ourselves on offering the best price and support to our customers or point of difference is our commitment to finding the latest and giving the best deal. We’re proud to be growing and desire to make shopping fun and enjoyable.


What's your experience with the international market?

Since operations began in 2006 we have been dealing with the international market. Usual difficulties are delays in shipping sometimes it talks a little longer then estimated. We are offering products locally from our UK warehouse that avoids taxes in EU so this has been a real game changer for operation in Europe. Although we haven’t done a huge analysis on the differences between countries, from the surface Germany seems strong in the branded products that have a good performance record. The Xiaomi brand phones and SJ4000 Cameras have been popular.


What are the most popular items in your shop?

Here are our current top sellers, from a range of categories.

Banggood Bestseller

My favorite is the CX-10, is a great RC quad and easy for anyone to fly, I brought one in the office and was doing flips within one day, so stable and easy to fly.

What will happen in the next months or years in your shop?

We are always evolving to offer the latest products and website features. Our big current projects are launching a new website design and also releasing an android and IOS app this year. We are also planning to integrate PayPal one step pay making purchasing fast and easy.


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