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Und wieder haben wir einen neuen Teil unserer Vorstellungsreihe für euch parat. Heute dürfen wir euch Teodora von cellz vorstellen. Eine charmante und eloquente Dame, die wirklich ausführlich auf den Onlineshop für Gadgets und Handyzubehör eingeht.

Eine allgemeine Shopbeschreibung zu cellz findet ihr natürlich wie immer unter den Shopseiten, also genau hier und wenn euch das enthusiastische Interview zu einem Besuch motiviert, dann schaut doch direkt bei cellz vorbei:


Who are you? What do you do? is a global leader in retail and wholesale mobile accessories and electronics sourcing, distribution and sales. Whatever your device, your style or budget, we have an ever-increasing product inventory - more than 80,000 items and counting - for you to choose from and be happy with. Moreover, we are concentrating on delivering best quality both in terms of our products and our relationship with customers all over the world, all for the affordable prices practice.

Originally based in Hong Kong, the five-year old company was a brainchild of two e-commerce experts with more than 17 years of combined experience in global e-commerce. ensures that all products we stock are of high quality and made to last. We offer a huge inventory of accessories in the latest styles, colors and designs that embody every person’s unique personality. We continuously update our products at an incredibly rapid rate to keep abreast with the latest trends of the fast-paced industry.

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Megasource Enterprises Limited

Employees: 100-500
Offices in four countries
Website available in 7 languages
More than 15000 partners worldwide
More than 10000 wholesale registrations


What makes you special?

What’s so special about Cellz?

Well, a few things actually. First, we have a direct manufacturing source of high quality products. This means you get beautiful, long lasting products at low prices since we’ve cut out the middleman for you.

Second, we strive to offer the best 24/7 customer support possible to make sure both your online and offline shopping experiences with Cellz are great ones.

We are known to have a very efficient means of communicating with our customers, both online and offline. Our presence in the online social media is very versatile and complex, pleated on our customers and potential customers’ needs and inquiries. Our strong link with our partners to be, allows us to permanently improve the quality of our products and services.

We are growing quickly in terms of the diversity we offer and we are always connected to the needs of the market, the technology upgrades and news, the desires of our clients, which makes us very present as a business and as a trustworthy source of quality items. We know what the market needs and we are constantly improving to give the best results.


What's your experience with the international market?

Our products are of worldwide interest and we offer worldwide shipping. We love to get in touch with customers from all over the world and help them find the right gadgets or accessories at affordable prices and high end quality. We know from our customers that among with the items we ship, sometimes we are also shipping smiles and joy and we love it! We are proud every time a customer came back to us to tell how satisfied is with the items already ordered and that it wants to place another order with us.

There are plenty of differences between the American, European and Asian markets, starting with the demand of the items. For example, the market share of certain devices is higher in some countries and lower in other countries. I can tell that iPhone devices are more popular in USA than in Germany, France, Spain or Italy while to counterbalance this the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 devices are more popular in Germany, France, Spain and Italy rather than in the USA.

UK is a specific market, where both cell phone manufacturer companies have an almost equal market share, so things are a little bit different here. As a cell phone accessories e-shop you cannot feel the difference in demand here, as both are selling in high demand.

Of course, there are other important players in the cell phone manufacturing industry, and we are offering high quality accessories for all these cell phone models: HTC, LG, Nokia, Blackberry, Google Nexus, Sony Xperia etc.

All in all, provided we deliver quality, no matter the market, the demands are in constant growth.


What are the most popular items in your shop?

It is hard to choose the most popular items from such a large inventory of hot selling items, but there are some items that simply get out of the regular and are selling like crazy.


The newest hot selling items are the Geex Cases. These are high quality, stunning mobile cases designed for a better protection. The easy slide-on design is the guarantee that you will not scratch your cell phone back side. As protection is the key of these cases, the retail package also comes with a free screen protector and cleaning cloth. We already launched 3 collections, Chromatic, Tango and Crush. These are all available for iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s as well as for Samsung S3, S4 and S5 devices. You can see more about these innovating cell phone cases here:


These cases are high above average in quality and design, our customers tried it and the demands are increasing. We managed to offer a product that comes with a more than affordable price and more than high quality.

For sure, other popular items are the wireless chargers and power banks. We all know how frustrating a low battery cell phone is, as nowadays you have so many possibilities of using your iPhone or smartphone and the battery might die pretty fast. The wireless charger can solve this major issue so I truly believe that this is a must-have for all of us.


And what's YOUR favorite item from your shop?

My favorite item is the portable solar power bank. The reason of my choice is quite simple as I really love to travel and take pictures with my phone, check emails and Facebook and call or text friends (and the list goes on) so my phone’s battery dies pretty fast. This portable solar power bank is not just charging my phone’s battery while I’m out traveling, but it also brings my smile back, every single time.


What will happen in the next months or years in your shop?

Since its beginning, has aimed to be one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce website in the world.

The company has already expanded its inventory to other niches with all type of products as the main goal is to become one of the largest Made-in-China virtual Malls. We plan to be a key player in the made-in-china e-commerce industry by extending our catalog inventory to new niches like consumer electronics, PC & network accessories, audio accessories, watches, toys, hobbies and video games and many more. These sections are already live on and the catalogue is in constant growth. made huge development progress, and it currently has a dedicated site to facilitate the B2B market (, as well as the drop shipping activity ( With over 15000 partners worldwide, to whom we offer full 24/7 support and all type of professional marketing tools, we strive to become the first choice of our partners to be, no matter the niche.

We think that diversity is the key of developing and understanding how the market works nowadays. Being introduced to new niches allows us to follow new approaches, new strategies and eventually new high quality results we aim to deliver to all of our customers.

Our goal is to be the first choice of each customer when it comes to made-in-china products on both B2C and B2B markets.

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