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Wie bereits versprochen, stellen wir euch ab heute eine Auswahl von unseren China-Shops vor. Für unsere Interview-Reihe "PandaCheck stellt vor" haben wir einige Interviewfragen nach China geschickt und dies hier sind die individuellen Antworten unserer Shops. Unsere Reihe wird euch in den nächsten Wochen immer wieder ein paar Anbieter vorstellen.

Heute stellen wir euch die Antworten von Dealextreme (inzwischen besser bekannt als,  einen der größten Elektronik- und Gadgetanbieter Chinas, vor. Wer mehr über erfahren möchte, kann sich unsere Shopbeschreibung anschauen oder direkt Dealextreme besuchen:


Who are you? What do you do? was founded in 2005 as a specialty gadget shop specializing in flashlights, flash cards, and lasers. Since then, has exploded in growth, making every endeavor to find Extreme gadgets in the world and currently offers over 160,000 items from the world's smallest microSD readers, big RC helicopters, to genuine brand phones. While our gadget collection has grown, our passion for gadgets has not. Here at DX you won't feel like a stranger but rather, a fellow gadget fan!

Our headquarters is located in HongKong, expending warehouse in USA, European, Australia, Brazil and the Middle East, 1000+ employees are dedicated to offering best service to our fans.


What makes you special?

  • Over 160,000 products
  • Extremely low prices
  • Timely refunds and replacements
  • Worldwide free shipping
  • Exclusive Pre-sale with Famous Brand Supplier, such as GOOGEE, THL, TOMMY, ESCAM, MINIX, etc



What's your experience with the international market?

  • Online shopping is booting fast, and will be big trends in coming years. Germany is definitely the key player, moreover, Germany is one of DX most important market.
  • Fans from different countries may be interested in different specific product, but generally Consumer Electronics, Phone & Table Accessories, Gopro Accessories, Car Accessories are our fans' favorites.


What are the most popular items in your shop?

  • Gopro Accessories
    • Our prices of Gopro Accessories beat our competitors, it is one of our best-selling sub-category


What will happen in the next months or years in your shop?

  • Exclusive Pre-sale with Famous Brand Supplier
  • More promotions, such as Black Friday
  • More warehouse, faster delivery


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