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Heute bieten wir euch eine Kurzvorstellung an. Der Modeshop Outerinner ist bisher noch recht unbekannt und vermutlich sind bisher nur Bräute auf der Suche nach maßgeschneiderten Kleidern über den Shop aus China gestolpert. Deswegen möchten wir euch in diesem Rahmen ein paar Details zu dem Shop liefern.

Wer mehr über den Shop, die Produkte und den Bestellablauf wissen will, kann unsere PandaCheck-Shopseite zu OuterInner besuchen und alle von uns gesammelten Informationen nachlesen. Und wenn euch das kurze Interview zu einem Einkaufsbummel animiert, klickt auf dieses Logo und geht direkt zu OuterInner:


Who are you? What do you do?

There are about 300 employees in company, our company is located at Shenzhen, Guagndong Province, China. And we have local store in New Zealand, where people can look at some of our dresses and try on any one. We have over 10 thousand products, customers can place custom design order.

What makes you special?

We have cooperated many factories and get low price but high quality merchandise, we accept custom design, our fast delivery.

OuterInner tailors working on a dress

What's your experience with the international market?

International market owns more potential customers, and they are more focus on dresses and buy wedding accessories on line. And we offer 3 kinds of language site, which meets customers language request.

What are the most popular items in your shop?

According to GA, the popular items are occasion dresses and inner wear.

And what's YOUR favorite item from your shop?

prom dresses

What will happen in the next months or years in your shop?

We are building our UK local store, and it will launch very soon; what's more, we add new in items weekly, and we will add seasonal items for customers special needs.

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